At the Drive In by Linda Marie Martinez


I used to see live bands several times a week when I was an undergraduate in college. I got in the habit of taking photos and decided to create paintings from the good shots. This is another giant watercolor.

String Theory by Linda Marie Martinez

This is an acrylic painting I made about String Theory. I used my friend's string theory research and sleeping figures in the painting to represent how little we are conscious of how our universe works. 

Cast Drawing of the Eye by Linda Marie Martinez

Here is a cast drawing of an eye I completed at Vitruvian Studios as part of a Saturday afternoon drawing class. It was a wonderful class taught by the most wonderful draftsman I've ever met, David Jamieson. I'm going to try one of his online cast drawing courses next.

Game Review-Fragments of Him by Linda Marie Martinez

I recently saw a demo of Fragments of Him, an empathy game about death. The main character dies at the beginning of the game and you learn about him through controlling the four characters closest to him. It seems like a great idea that came out of a game jam. The developers are an indie studio composed of two guys from the Netherlands. The artwork looks beautiful and the premise of the game is intriguing. I will definitely be buying this once it comes out in April. 

Processing-Coding for Artists by Linda Marie Martinez

I just finished some assignments for my virtual reality class at UIC. We are learning how to code using the program Processing. Processing is a JAVA based, open source programming language made to appeal to artists who want to learn how to code. Processing was created by Casey Reas and Benjamin Fry from the MIT Media Lab. Daniel Shiffman joined their team next and they worked together to turn Processing into a program that will lure artists into programming with the reward  of  immediate visual feedback.

They have succeeded in capturing my attention and interest in coding and have many online resources for anyone interested in learning this language.

Here are some photos of my latest assignments in Processing. I was instructed to create an animation, of Zoog the alien, following my mouse. And an animation of Zoog bouncing around the page. Next time, I'll post how to embed processing files into a blog, and you will be able to see Processing in action. 

Game Design Workshop by Linda Marie Martinez

This week I'm trying to finish my design for my educational video game about the cell cycle. I'm reading, Game Design Workshop by Tracy Fullerton to help me accomplish this task. This is an amazing book that gives a detailed description of the formal structure of games and gives you writing exercises to complete that help you fully understand these elements.  

I'm currently on chapter three and reading about premise in games. According to Fullerton, premise establishes the action of the game within a setting or metaphor. And he further states that without a good premise, many games would be too abstract for players to become emotionally invested in. 

Based on these readings I've decided to change the premise of my game from a student trying to get to school on time, to a student trying to get to school to help sneak their friend out of detention. I think this premise is more appealing to an inner city high school student.